Tom & Gina Toth; Spreading God's Word 1 Note at a Time

Humble Muisc

Tom and Gina Toth, the husband and wife team of Humble Music Ministries, serve as volunteers for the Bill Rudge Ministries. They have sung for several BRM events as well as many of Bill’s speaking engagements. They have an awesome music ministry of praise and worship.

Tom and Gina are dedicated to serving God’s people and reaching out to the unbeliever. Their goal is to reach as many people as possible, to uplift spirits and heal the broken-hearted through a mix of Southern gospel, folk, hymns, original tunes, and fun participation songs.

Their music and message are inspirational and Gina’s personal testimony is touching as it expresses how God has used her to bless others through severe visual challenges and health issues.

Tom and Gina minister in various locations in a 7 county region in the Penn-Ohio area at nursing homes, churches, and many other venues.This, is a new chapter in their life and they are excited to see how God will use them to bless others. They are delighted to be a blessing in God's kingdom.