Tom's Testimony

From the Old Country Church

Some of my earliest and fondest memories are of attending the old country church with my parents in the 1970’s. I accepted Christ as my savior at the age of eight and was baptized at the age of eleven. While in junior high I learned to play the guitar and in high school I jammed with a few garage bands. I spent my teen years and early adult life as a mere casual believer in Christ. After graduation I gave up the guitar and my dreams of becoming a musician. I spent many unhappy years punching a clock and getting nowhere.

By the 1990’s I realized that much of the prophecy I had learned about as a child was unfolding before my eyes. This rekindled my interest in the Christian walk and deepened my relationship with the Lord. In the early 2000’s I met a wonderful Godly woman who loved the Lord dearly. She helped me to gain a new perspective on serving God and getting back to my roots. She also prayed for many years that I would start playing the guitar again. After, losing my job I suddenly had plenty of time on my hands and my wife’s prayer was answered. During this time I also began to study the word diligently and gained great knowledge from the Biblically based churches we attended throughout the years. So, we decided to serve the Lord and develop a music ministry. We ministered at nursing homes, churches, and other venues. We did this for about 7 years and it was a lot of fun. However, COVID 19 put the brakes on our music ministry and we felt led to record our first CD. But, that’s okay because it opened up another door to spread His word.